Tenant Information Centre

In this section you will find information and articles relating to property to letin Ireland for tenants.

Phantom Landlord Scam

There are thousands of new people moving to the Ireland area every and that's causing a shortage of rentals. Do you know what happens when there's a shortage of rental property? People become prime targets for rental scams. Read More

Tenant FAQ'S

Is my landlord registered?
Can my landlord ‘drop-in’ whenever he or she likes?
Can the landlord increase my rent?
Where can I get information on tenant rights?
Find out the answers to these and more

Tenant Rights

The purpose of this leaflet is to inform tenants of their rights under legislation and to make them aware of their obligations. This leaflet is a general guide only and not an interpretation of the law or a summary of all relevant provisions. Read More

Type of Tenancy

Do you know what type of tenancy you have? Read More

Rent Assistance

Are you eligible for Social Welfare Assistance? Find out more about Rent Assistance

Residential Tenancy Act

The Act provides for reform of residential landlord and tenant law, based on the recommendations of the Commission on the Private Rented Residential Sector. Read More

Rent Relief

Find out more about getting rent allowance in Ireland. Download the relevant forms.

Help with paying your rent for private tenants

People receiving social welfare or a Health Services Executive payment may qualify for rent supplement to ensure that after paying rent their income does not fall below a minimum level. Read More

Looking for a flat or house to rent

It is essential that someone looking for rented accommodation in Ireland knows where to look, what questions to ask, and information on your rights. Find out more.

If your landlord wants you to leave

If you use an estate agent there is no doubt that you are making life easier for yourself as they will offer several benefits for e.g. advice on valuation which is not binding to the seller, arranging appointments for visits and screening potential buyers, property description details, corresponding with various solicitors etc. This service is not to be under estimated. In the event that the property encourages keen interest at a particular price level, the selling agent may suggest a closed/private tender - i.e. invite a written or verbal bid on a "best and final offer" basis within a given timeframe. The selling agent is duty bound to disclose a higher offer even if it has been received after acceptance of another offer. If a seller accepts a higher offer after verbally agreeing to sell their property to someone else, this is called gazumping. Most vendors will accept a higher offer unless they are contractually bound to proceed with the sale. Read More

What to Do When You Aren't Renewing a Lease

You are under no obligation to renew a lease, unless there is a provision in the lease that provides an option for the tenant to renew (never put that in a lease), or something similar. Read More.

Landlord Withholds Security Deposit

Tenant Says She "Discriminated"
A landlord ended up $400 in the hole because of the damage a tenant did, now the tenant is claiming the landlord discriminated... Read More.

Looking for a new house or apartments to let

If you will soon be moving from one part of the country or city to another, or have recently arrived in Ireland, looking for somewhere to live can be challenging. The volume and range of rental accommodation available in Ireland will normally depend on the... Read More.